by wilton

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released February 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Level Records Los Angeles, California

my life long passion and devotion to music has brought me so much joy and it is my dream, hope, and pleasure to return the favor.

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Track Name: psychic daggers
all you get
is what you took
you're face to face
with an open book
do you become invisible
when you look into a mirror?

just admit
you're not ashamed
the image
isn't worth the frame
smash the glass
forget the past
if anything

you may as well get used to it
the pieces just refuse to fit
you force your friends
you force yourself
and no one
says a thing
i wouldn't wish this shame on you
for anything you own

it's not a crime
it's not a joke
you bit more off
than you could choke
sometimes it's enough
to hear your silence
on the phone
Track Name: party phantom
i can't help the way i feel
they say it has to hurt if it's going to heal
i don't expect to see you cry
i hope you won't hold it against me if i try
sacrifices come and go
struggles turn within and you won't even know
people give up every day
they convince themselves it's better that way
i just wanna dance with you
i know the songs you like and the ones you don't like too
yelling secrets in your ear
i'll make you laugh tonight before i disappear
Track Name: resolution conflict
i've tried to explain it, but there's not a name for it
it's just too much trouble to burst through your bubble
if you keep ignoring this world won't be morning you
but it's useless to tell you if i can't compel you too
the spotlight's on
is your resolve undone
or did you give away the race
before the starting gun

accept my surrender and try to remember me
as someone you promised to always be honest to
i'd rather you blame me than have you ashamed of us
so reason your judgement and please don't abuse my trust
is letting go
supposed to feel so wrong
is this what it's like to lose control
and watch as time moves on

i don't want to lose anymore
in this sad little war
you won't have to choose anymore
i won't refuse anymore
Track Name: precious faith
they beat you in your sleep
undress you as you weep
you'll watch them take control,
and play you rock and roll
they'll slap you in the face
they won't get off your case
are you worth the precious faith i put in you?
yeah, me too.
...and now you're not much use
we'll have to cut you loose
the history of man
never seem to understand you
are you worth the precious faith i put in you?
Track Name: watch me dance
there are things you can't divide
the passion and the priest
don't pit my heart against my pride
the mercy of the beast
how do you feel when you're alone?
do you feel as you're inclined?
can't tell if you don't ask
i can't breath behind this mask
you dream of murder
despair and throw yourself to wolves
bridges burning in your eyes
destroyed your only chance hold this drink and watch me dance
just let them take you away
Track Name: pinochiosis
believe in wrong believe in right
what's the difference tonight
if you compete or you complain
the end results are all the same same same same
...and when you give up control....
now she's coming late to work
...and she doesn't have a reason
the sound is only in your head
with all the words you ever....
empathy, that's what she's supposed to feel
she only thinks she never knows,
and her isolation grows
without a fear you can't afford
you call collect and cut the cord
puppet eagles leaving town
strike the set and break it down
Track Name: wasted on you
you know this world was made for men
are you one of us, or one of them?
i feel your spirit hinge on need
everyone paid to see you bleed
you only keep the things you steal
you put them all inside a wound that will not heal

is this wasted on you?
is this wasted on you?

did they shush you while you cried
did they find you where they told you not to hide
there is no evil so obscene
destroyed by whims of men you've never even seen

is this wasted on you?
is this wasted on you?
Track Name: palm of the atheist
sometimes you wish
sometimes your wish comes true
sometimes you wait
sometimes it's all that you can do
sometimes you dream
sometimes you drift away
sometimes you talk
sometimes there's nothing left to say
Track Name: tame your master
you can blur the edges of the moving parts
don't refer to the points beyond the edge of the charts
it's too late to learn about a give and take
nobody cares which fortress you forsake
you eyes are just pictures of eyes
this is where i belong
asleep like birds on a leafless try
nobody wonders what's become of me
no matter what you people say
your whispers and screams are useless anyway
feel how your heart beats faster?
it's too late for you to tame your master
your feelings inconvenience me,
and you can't take my honesty
if you can't use me anymore,
then this is not what i was looking for
your eyes are just pictures of eyes
this is where i belong