by wilton

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bonus material free with purchase of entire album, including secret track "where do i begin?" which was previously only available to fans who searched back to
-3:53 on the c.d. version of messages.

"messages" (wilton's second album) is a concept album about the loss or distortion of information transfered through various mediums by people attempting to communicate feelings, and thoughts to each other. the theme of answering machine messages being played back runs throughout, serving to demonstrate how hopeless, and occasionally transcendental such attempts can be. everyday inspiration triggered by outside stimuli sets expression into motion. sometimes the result is an attempt to reach out and connect with another human being. the album itself, all the songs within, the album art, and in fact everything leading to the making of, or the ingestion of this album is an example eternally feeding back on itself.
the vocoder vocals on the second chorus the titular (and final) track naively understate the predicament many of us find ourselves faced with everyday.
a voice for the voiceless tells us:

"some people have something to say.
they don't say anything.
they're afraid that they'll say it wrong.
so they keep it to themselves.
other people listen all the time,
but they don't hear what they want to hear.
they feel alone, and they are."

one can not read too much into the original album cover, or the lyrics of this album.
hundreds of references, clues, and riddles infest the album.
from the hidden track that starts before the first song (aptly titled "where do i begin"), to the 12th track with with only 3 seconds of silence on it. this album never gives less than two meanings for any one expression.
from the misplaced square of track listing on the back of the original cover, to the c.d. text programmed into the original c.d., nothing is ever less than what it seems. in fact the entire cover is completely reversible. created with options in mind.


released February 21, 2016

jakob grossmann, chris smart, ken robinson, jennifer morgan, sven rathke, tim davis, brian lieb, jay williams, greg trumble, rod castro, matty sonar, richard hopper, sean mcfarling, linus markus schimdt, jan kirtcher, nia washington, gil gonzales, and wilton



all rights reserved


Level Records Los Angeles, California

my life long passion and devotion to music has brought me so much joy and it is my dream, hope, and pleasure to return the favor.

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Track Name: nothing
thank you
for all the things you gave me
all the work you saved me
thank you for all the sins you forgave of me

i never felt so well controlled
i couldn't tell if i'd been sold
or if the seller had only told me so

i'd like to find another way
i'd like to ask you if you may
is it o.k.?
shit, i don't know how to do it anyway

but thank you
for making me so greatfull
so sarcastic
and so hateful
i'll be forever faithful
to your cause

thank you for nothing
thank you for nothing
thank you for nothing
Track Name: what am i supposed to do?
what am i supposed to do?
i guess you don't know
i wanna be alone
if i can't be with you
let me go home
if we're really through

and if you ever know what you wanted from me
i you ever have a clue
let me know
what was i supposed to do?

how am i supposed to feel?
i guess it's too late
i always hesitated

i guess i don't deserve a voice
it comes with a choice
and i just don't know what to say

hurting you
is all i seem to do
i can always make you cry
i don't even have to try
it hurts me too
maybe not as much as you
but that's something i can't help
cause i need to hurt myself

anything else you'd like to try?
i don't see why not
since i don't wanna say goodbye to you
please don't give up

that's not what i really want
if you can't beat me
i can't win
let me in
and tell me what to do

what am i supposed to do?
what am i supposed to do?
what am i supposed to do?
what am i supposed to do?
Track Name: on and on
this life isn't fit for us
and this life is not my dream
is falling down the only thing that proves this?
and is getting up as useless as it seems?

as a child i had not yet learned to hate
and as a man i have forgotten love
and chasing dreams has made life complicated
and now the simple things are all i'm dreaming of

sensitive pepoel are turned crazy or cold
and we wonder why they can't communicate
some people wind up dead before they've grown old
and they'll wonder where the time went
but it'll be too late

they hate you if you're clever
and they despise you if you're a fool
it's no wonder kids thing fucked up rock and roll stars
who are proud of being fucked up are so cool

sometimes i feel like no one here believes me
yeah i wonder if they even hear a word i say
to have someone make clear what's above me
yeah to hear them speak there's not a thing i wouldn't pay

i never thought
that this life could be so long
but i guess i was wrong
as my time here lingers on

and on
and on
and on
and on
and on
and on
Track Name: the damn
oh god kill me
if i ever get over you

i never asked for this
and now i can't stand anything else
take me away from here
help me get away from myself
i never loved so much

you're my crutch
and i'll never let you go

plug a hole
but the water keeps drilling
before you know it there's another one
plaster cracks and the layers keep peeling
never stop till the work is never done
water's rushing crashing shaking
everything's come apart in your hands
you can't stop it now
it's breaking
out of the way

heal me
feel me
let me go

i never felt so low
till i knew how wrong it was to be high

a city now lies in ruin
only i can tell the tale
of how we loved and laughed, and lost
and failed
and failed
and failed
Track Name: i
i've fallen down before
and i kind of like it on the floor
and i'm crawling out that door
and i can't hear you anymore

and i'd like to fall in love
and i've had enough
Track Name: victims
nazis are people too
with feelings just like me and you
a lot of people thing that what the other people think is wrong
that's o.k. with me

o.k. with me
o.k. with me

junkies are people too
feeling good is hard when you don't know how to
a lot of people think that there are things you should do
but i like to feel good too

oh i wanna be
on the side that's always green

rapists are people too
it's not about sex
and it's not about you
i'm sure that if they could
they'd only rape the ones they knew
made them feel like raping you

yes means no
when they make your choice
a scream sounds like nothing
when you lose your voice

thieves are people too
and if they stole it
they may need it more than you
there's a certain freedom in owning nothing
and it's true
thieves get their shit stolen too
Track Name: a lot to learn
i didn't ever wanna alienate you
you couldn't make it past my wall
and now i miss you
i was a fool to let friendships be discarded
i thought i was too cool
but i was too retarded

how could i be so blind
and what's wrong with my mind?
i never thought that i'd be even less than typical
but i keep getting burned
for speaking out of turn
i wanna show what i know even though
i have a lot to learn

and even you were starting to dis me
and even you were starting to dis me
and even you were starting to dis me

it makes me feel so sick
that i get such a kick
out of being the one that they talk about

but i love to hear my name
my ego takes the blame

i always get a return on what i earn
but i have a lot to learn

i wanna say something
before it's all forgotten
but that part of me and you seems to have grown so rotten

i can't say i ever really understood you
i now know a little more than i then knew about what not to do

i know now i was wrong
but now isn't very long
will i still hate myself in the morning

change isn't always good
but something tells me that i should
so it's a brand new james that i'm forming

you gave me this guitar
made me feel like a star

and if experience really makes us who we are
i hope this one takes me far
Track Name: hole to feed
be my mother
be my son
be my father
swallow my cum

tell me you love me
make it real
give me a piece of yourself
to replace the feelings i no longer feel

i'm on top of the situation
i'm gonna get what i'm not supposed to need
i can't stop till i reach a new sensation
they say i'm sick
but i've got a hole to feed

you think you know me
think again
go on and show me
how it feels to be the places i have been
i didn't get the things that you got
you haven't fought the way
that i have fought

i'm on top of the situation
i'm gonna get what i'm not supposed to need
i can't stop till i reach my destination
i hope it's good
cuz i got a hole to feed

there's a hole in my sole
that i don't control in thought or in deed
like a hole in my skin
it doesn't take long before it begins to bleed

bleeding hearts and artists
try to fill up empty spaces
with their pain

but once a hole is there
it's there forever empty
fucking with your brain

if you can figure out what people want you to do
then do it just to get some mental health

if you believe that someone understands you
you probably don't understand yourself

i'm beginning to think that all i need is to never be satisfied
i'm beginning to think that all i need is to never be satisfied
i'm beginning to think that all i need is to never be satisfied
i'm beginning to think that all i need is to never be satisfied
Track Name: perfect
perfect eyes and a perfect smile
make up perfectly applied in the latest style
long blonde hair so clean it shines
pleasant and happy all the time

is that what you want them to see?
is that what you want her to be?

sometimes i wish i could fly
to a place where people don't know how to lie
and no one ever has to hide
what they really feel inside

that would be wonderful to see
it would be wonderful to be me

everybody knows that love is blind
but nobody ever told me love was so unkind
first it tells you that it's all you need
then it leaves you with this hunger you can never feed

i know somebody's gotta be
waiting for somebody just like me
with so many different kinds
just one can't be that hard to find

i guess love is really blind

it's not that easy to believe
togetherness is so hard to achieve
and everybody's got something up their sleeves
cause would be lovers are so easy to deceive

so lonely people have to grieve
cause someday everybody leaves

there's a telephone inside my mind
i'd like to use it
but somebody's always on the line
i'd like to help you help me call my bluff
i'd like to touch you
but i'm sure that we aren't close enough

by the time this message reaches you
you'll be ready to reply
i'll be wondering if anything got through
but you'll be lonely and so will i

if that's the way it's gotta be
then all i really have is me
Track Name: messages
i'm not here to answer your call right now
but leave a message and
i'll get back to you as soon as possible
thank you for calling
have a nice day

i'm not here to answer your call right now
but leave a message and
i'll get back to you as soon as possible
thank you for calling
have a nice day

some people
have something to say
they don't say anything
they're afraid
that they'll say it wrong
so they keep it to themselves

other people listen
all the time
but they don't hear
what they want to hear
they feel alone
and they are